June 14th, 2009, 11:45 am

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Just a regular cover
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Welcome to 8 seconds! Hi everyone!

So here you have it... my first webcomic. I'm really excited to finally show the story I've been working for quite a long time now. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy doing it and watching it progress.

This is the cover I made for the comic. Not so comic :P Don't be (completely) fooled by it, the first few chapters will be quite lighthearted and I tried to make them funny. Later on, they will be darker and more thoughtful, but I expect to keep the story interesting.

Something else. I'm not a real talented artist, I do what I can... my art can be sucky sometimes, but I'm doing this to improve my artistic skills. I appreciate any comments and constructive criticism you can give me, story or art related.

There you go! So let's get this started. XD

Por cierto, si prefieres una versión en español visita este sitio:
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Negative Zero

>:3 W00t. I have a feeling I might know what to expect, but only time will tell. I wish you well on your comic. :D

And sidenote: We have the same first name :P (except mine's the English variation >.>)



Am I that obvious? :P Actually I was aiming for that, but don't worry, there's a lot of ground before I get where I intend to. Probably next update will make things a lot clearer on what to expect.

And lol, you noticed! (I thought it was too little :S) In fact it's not my full name, but for the comic, I'll keep it that short.


Itchigo Icetalons (Guest)

Good going Johhny! I would like to see you progress! ^^

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