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It only takes 8 seconds to change your life forever. Johnny is an average guy, who in just a day will experience events that will make him question the way he has lived. Now he'll have to face his fears in order to achieve the happiness he thought he had. Now with 50% more updates! Spellcheck by David Bradley.

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Page 17

Job takes away all my time

Hey guys. Sorry for being absent for so long again. I know I said I wanted to finish this chapter completely, but my job prevented me of doing so. Anyway, now it's vacation time, and I plan on finishing uploading the pages of this chapter. The next chapter will still take a while, but hopefully I will have more spare time. At least I won't have to create a plan for a subject from scratch.
Anyway, I hope you'll tune in this Saturday.

Computer died again D:

So, yeah. I seem to have a terrible luck with computers. Anyways, it's on repairs right now, and hopefully I'll have it back next week. Don't worry though, all the chapter is backed up in another hard drive so I'll resume when I can install my programs again.

Rolling this once again

Hey everyone.

In case you haven't noticed, 8 seconds is back once again. I'm uploading the old chapters I hadn't translated because my PC died for another time. That will take two more weeks, I guess. After that, the new chapter (Chapter 7) will be uploaded every Saturday, so don't miss it.

Thanks for sticking around. I've been quite busy lately, but I'll try to be around if you have any questions or comments.

By the way, I should redesign the site once again... though I don't remember how SJ worked. I've made a redesign in the spanish site, though I'm not sure if it will work in this one.

See you!

Back again

Hi everyone! Hope you have an awesome new year (not like mine anyways)
8 seconds is rolling again, and I'll keep updating as usual till february. This chapter will be over just in time before that, I assure you.

See you!

This is unexpected...

Hi everyone.

I don't have good news for you. 8 seconds is going in a hiatus.

Why? Well, yesterday my laptop died. I decided to change my working place to my long forgotten pc, but just out of nowhere, the pc resetted itself, and wouldn't start again Windows. T_T So now I have two computers that won't work.
I still have everything, including a month worth of updates, but I'm in a cyber and it's not easy to upload them, and make them check.
This hiatus may last a week, a month, or a year. But the important thing it's this is temporary! Hopefully, it won't take that long to repair the pc's, and 8 seconds won't be forgotten. My will is stronger than those pieces of junk.
So bear with me, hopefully I'll resume updates soon!

See you!

Updating frequency

A question already done in DA/FA, but for those who haven't looked there...

Right now "8 seconds" updates once a week. My goal, sometime in the future, will be to increase it to twice a week, but to be honest, I'm still far away from that. However, the story (in my opinion) is going kind of slow, so I want to step it up a little bit. Of course, I'm not sure which is the best way, so I leave ithe decision to you, because I don't really mind the day I update. Your options are:

1. Update every 5 days, that means if first update is sunday, the next one will be friday, then the next on wednesday and so on. The advantage of this is there would be an even spacing of time between page and page. The main drawback would be that the next update would be hard to spot, though I'll tell you when it will come out.

2. Keep sunday as mandatory update day and choose other day in which updates would be a week no, the next yes, meaning the first week would update once, the second week twice, the next week once and so on. The comic would be more regular this way, but the wait between pages would be uneven (7 days for one, 3 to 4 days for the next two)

3. If the story doesn't feel slow for you, you can always choose to keep the update schedule as it is.

I can't make polls here, so just leave a comment, and I will add up to the other places I'll be doing this.

See you soon!

Chapter 1 just starts

Hi everyone!

Just a small reminder for all of you (in case you read this), chapter 1 started today, so that means next sunday will be the first official page. Yay!
If you can't wait for next sunday, I plan to release teasers of every page the saturday before that page updates in my DA/FA, so feel free to check them out.

See you next sunday!

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